After Katie was killed I wanted to die. How could I live without her in my life. She was my soulmate, my best friend and the future. I found one her journals and began to read.

"When the heart resists, the mind will not accept" "I'm not exactly sure what this quote means. There are many things in life that you don't really want to. Your heart just isn't in it. But, you do it anyway because it has to be done. On the other side, I guess if you have a loved one who dies your heart is still attached and it refuses to relinquish. When your heart still aches for that person your mind can sometimes not accept that they are dead. Overall though I believe common sense or the "mind" can usually overrule the heart maybe because I am young and haven't really experienced love or loss I can't comment on this quote. Sure, in the books I read the heart always overrules and in the end and everyone overcomes troubles to live happily ever after. But does that happen in real life? If even in your heart you know something is true it doesn't stop your mind from thinking it is false. I don't know? I feel like I am out of my depth here and writing about something I'm not yet old enough to understand. Why does the heart always have to symbolize emotions and the mind the rationality? I can't tell you what this means until 20 years from now when I've experienced it instead of watching it on Dawson's Creek or Beverly Hills (Not that I ever have or will watch either). The truth is they're just imaginary characters with no real hearts or minds with which to guide me. I'll trust my own judgment not some scriptwriters". Katie Stauffer 2000

"I guess if I could be any movie character it would probably be Jodie Foster in "Contact". First of all, I really enjoyed the movie and the whole premise of extraterrestrials it was based upon. Now I never really wanted to be an astronaut or discover life on other planets, but the thought of seeing distant galaxies up close is very intriguing. This character dedicated her life to one purpose and she achieved it. Even when no one would believe her she stuck to what she believed and would not admit she made up the whole experience. Also, she did get the guy in the end . That's a definite plus. Traveling so far away and seeing something no other human had set eyes on was a defining moment, her life which up until then was based on theory and intrigue, became fact. All she had worked for was realized. I hope that someday what I do will make a difference."

"During the time I had to write down something kind I did everyday I became more aware of the kindness around me. Many days I thought so much about what I had done that day, that I realized how nice my parents and friends are to me. Although I considered myself a kind person before I started this journal, I was surprised at how hard it was to find a different kind of kind thing to do everyday. I think that by writing down what I'd done, I encouraged myself to do bigger and better things. Because of this project I purposefully try to do more kind things. Eventually, I hope it will become a habit and I will become a better person. Encouraging others to do a "kind thing of the day" is what I do now. In return for all my kind acts I know that I can expect a greater amount of kindness and respect from others."

"We should love people and use things, not use people and love things" "In society today many people put great value on their possessions. Things like the right shirts, jeans, or backpacks set the standard for social status in the schools. But people should respect others for their character and personality rather than for what they own. Also, some people will use others to gain a certain objective. Whether it is a campaign loan or an introduction to a best friend. Unfortunately people will always see others in a "what can you do for me" way. Hopefully, in the future people will learn to love others for their companionship and their personality. Placing undo importance on material things weakens ones ability to see the value of friendship. Personally I am ashamed that I place a value on my possessions. I don't believe that I use people to gain more things. Once and a while things can be important, like your first report card or your great grandmothers picture, but real people can always bring more to your life than an inanimate thing." Katie Stauffer 2000