"We should love people and use things, not use people and love things"

In society today many people put great value on their possessions. Things like the right shirts, jeans, or backpacks set the standard for social status in the schools. But people should respect others for their character and personality rather than for what they own. Also, some people will use others to gain a certain objective. Whether it is a campaign loan or an introduction to a best friend. Unfortunately people will always see others in a "what can you do for me" way. Hopefully, in the future people will learn to love others for their companionship and their personality. Placing undo importance on material things weakens ones ability to see the value of friendship. Personally I am ashamed that I place a value on my possessions. I don't believe that I use people to gain more things. Once and a while things can be important, like your first report card or your great grandmothers picture, but real people can always bring more to your life than an inanimate thing.


Katie Stauffer