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On Saturday March 8. 2003, Katie was tragically killed in a car accident .
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In the next 24 hours...

1,439 Teens will attempt suicide
2,795 Teenage girls will become pregnant
15,006 Teens will use drugs for the first time
3,506 Teens will run away

(Based on national averages)


It's not easy being a teen! Everything is changing; school is harder, your parents expect more of you, society demands more of you, your body just isn't you anymore and the ways of the world aren't as easy to figure out as they once were. The boys who used to make you cringe now make you worry about the way your hair looks, the girls you once teased now render you speechless. You worry about the world and the people who live in it. You think about your future and if you will live up to your parents expectations. You start to crave the "freedoms" of adulthood but aren't yet ready to surrender the "securities" of childhood.

There are so many questions and concerns - to smoke or not to smoke, to drink or not to drink, to have sex or stay a virgin? You wonder and worry about; love, lust, religion, sexuality, drugs, friends, enemies, PSAT & SAT scores, grade point averages, scholarships, athletics, the shape of your body, the style of your hair, the state of your wardrobe, peer pressure, parental pressure, violence in the media, violence at school , violence in the home, life after high school, life in general, what to do with your life... the list goes on. Being a teen seems like a never ending cycle of uncertainty.

What sometimes gets lost in all the confusion is the plain and simple fact that the teen years are the best years of your life. You can be anything you want to be, achieve whatever you set your mind to, your dreams are still possibilities. No matter what else people say about being a teen, one thing is true, it is full of promise. There is no other time in your life when you will be able to explore and experience the world while still being able to retreat to the safety of youth. At this point in the game, anything is possible! The trick is to keep sight of this fact in the face of the intense changes you will go through.

It is easy to get trapped in the moment, to worry about popularity and dating and who you are associated with. What isn't easy is muddling through your teens with the big picture in mind. It doesn't really matter if you are cool or smart, athletic or mechanical, a partier or a loner. What matters is how you come through it all. When the teen years are behind you it isn't as important that you have no regrets as it is that you learn from the ones you do have. Being a teen is about making mistakes with a security net. It is about testing the waters of life before diving in. It is about overcoming the things that make you cry, defeating the demons that haunt your psyche, and emerging a happy person - however you turn out. Most importantly; sometimes, being a teen is about NOT worrying what your future holds and enjoying the moment for all it's promise and wonder.

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Katie Stauffer

Quakertown Senior High School Graduation Project ( 2001)